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  1. General information:

    • The package consists of two parts – a client and a server. Unlimited number of clients can connect to the server;
    • Every client as well as the server possesses a unique identifier.
    • The communication record, set in the package allows “each to each” dialogue type, i. e. although the connection is built up between the client and the server, every client can communicate with the other clients. In regard to all developed services – the server also acts like a client and is able to carry on dialogue with the rest of the participants;
    • All developed services work in parallel – several file copies + chat + talk can be carried out in parallel without one action to impede the other. If the traffic between the objects is with a little capacity, the services are carried out in a priority principle;
    • When the package is used outside the local network – the server is started on a computer with external IP, the client software can be started on machines with internal addresses operating after Proxy servers. In such case HTTPS record for exit through Proxy is used;

  2. Developed services:

    • file copying between remote computers;
    • chat;
    • talking – GSM compression in real time is used and so one direction traffic is under 1,8 k/sec with a very good quality of sound;
    • Video information broadcast – the picture is received from a Web camera, then is compressed in real time and is sent to another active participant at the moment. The recipient decompresses the picture and makes it visual. The service can operate simultaneously with the other services – like talks for example;

  3. Package development opportunities:

    • Building of chat rooms – after the client enters a previously created room, the chat which he carries on is followed by all the clients having entered the room;
    • Unilateral conferrable connection for talks – one talks, all the others listen. After the person who has taken the floor finishes, another one can take it;
    • Unilateral video conferrable connection – one emits a video signal, all the others observe it;
    • Visiting system in hospitals and connection of the corporative firm management body with the gate of the building – video and sound exchange opportunities;
    • Remote computer administering – access to the file system of the remote computer, registers, screen observation, mouse and keyboard operation;
    • Maintenance and operation with centralized data base in real time – storehouses, chains of shops, reservation systems, automatization of express services, service activity, etc. Important referential information search possibility even from a portable computer, supplied with a mobile internet connection – for firm management needs;
    • System for observation and recording of video and sound information – in every object of observation a personal computer with WEB camera and a microphone is situated and is connected through local network to the server. On the server every point is observed visually/soundly and compressed type information is recorded possibly;
    • System for observation and control of technological processes in real time – thermal, stationary, switching on and switching off of devices;
    • Observation home/villa condition from working place – video information receiving, room temperature watching, electric appliances control;
    • Offering paid services for access to data base, referential information and computing power from a center which is previously created for that purpose.
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