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  1. Description: A basic graphic medium has been worked out which allows the drawing of a wide range of two-dimensional objects.
    • broken lines
    • rectangular objects
    • polygons
    • bitmaps
    • random graphic objects according to the specific needs of the graphic medium architectural element such as a wall, TV, a bed; electronic element such as a resistor, a capacitor, an integrated circuit, etc.
    The objects may possess different characteristics such as:
    • transparence
    • shadow
    • they might serve as a lock for relocation
    • they might be connected as to provide the possibility for relocation with other graphic elements
    • possibility of changing the dimensions
    • possibility of graphic parameters variation colour editor, line thickness, filling, font. etc.
    Thus, the graphic medium been worked out turns the creation of a new graphic object into a quite easy process a suitable parent of the object is chosen whose properties will be inherited and a new object is elaborated.

  2. Graphic medium application the following applied software, using one and the same graphic libraries has been worked out at present:

    2.1. Software for designing of printed-circuit boards for electronic devices. The program is called NikoDesign.exe. The drawing of multilayer printed-circuit boards is possible. A limited number of electronic elements is prepared in aid of demonstration. The elements parameters may be changed by clicking with the mouse right button on the object. Each layer may be printed separately. One or a group of objects may be selected and copied through clipboard.

    2.2. Software for designing of self-sticking labels Sato.exe an accomplished and working product being able to copy a previously set number of label printers from the series SATO 408, SATO 412, SATO 208, SATO 212. When the printer script is successfully used, some of the graphic objects are printed as bitmaps and others as vectors, supported by the printer. The contents of some of the image elements, containing text information, can be a parameter of the following type:
    • Manual text input of a certain number of printed labels;
    • Self-increasing or self-decreasing counter depending on the number of printed labels;
    • Data-base field
    For the described software to be used for the service of another type of self-sticking labels printer, it is necessary a new inner converter of the commands to the above-mentioned printer to be worked out.

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